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Full-service Audio Recording

Who has been at Art City Sound?


Click below to see just a few of the projects Art City Sound has had the privilege of working on.
Projects range from full-band projects, to singer/songwriter, to "Book on CD" recordings.

Audio Gear


Art City Sound uses API, Focusrite and Miktek Preamps, RME and Focusrite Converters, and microphones from AKG, Audix, Audio Technica, Miktek, Shure, Royer, and many others. It employs the latest Presonus Studio One DAW software, and has Omnisphere 2, Waves Horizon, and Native Instruments Komplete Ultimate software packages.

We record anything that can make sound, but we specialize in acoustic drums. The studio kit is a DW Performance-series maple with Sabian AAX, Zildjian A Custom, and Paiste Twenty cymbals, and is treated like the belle of the ball. Always properly tuned, mic'ed up, and ready to go.


Art City Sound Provides...

In a nutshell, everything related to studio-recorded audio. This includes Tracking, Editing, Mixing, Mastering, Production, Instrumentation, Orchestration, and Arrangement. We have the space and capability to record all instruments, and excel in recording acoustic drum kits.


We have three tracking rooms set up to capture music. One live room, one dry room, and a dedicated vocal booth. All three are purpose-built for audio recording from the ground up.

Editing & Mixing

World-class software tools, such as Presonus Studio One are used to minimize editing time, and top-of-the-line plugins, such as Waves and Native Instruments are used to get the mix sounding just right for any genre.


Art City Sound's control room is built specifically for mixing and mastering in mind, and with Presonus Studio Mastering Suite software, we will bring your mixes up to "Radio Ready" quickly and efficiently.

We like to keep things simple

Rate is $70.00 per hour

For all services provided

Who is the audio engineer, anyway?

Meet Jason

Hi. My name is Jason. I built Art City Sound from the ground up because, unlike most adults who grow out of music, the older I get, the more poignantly I feel it inside me.

I feel rhythm all around me, in just about everything, and as such, it was inevitable that I'd pick up a drumstick somewhere along the journey. I've been playing drums for more than 20 years,
and refuse to stop, no matter what my neighbors say.
Music has always been there, so I decided to embrace it to see what would happen.
Art City Sound is what happened.

Jason Jones
Owner, Operator, Engineer, Drummer, Producer

Jason has been drumming since 1987 and has given up trying to stop. He also has 15 years of experience engineering audio, and can't get enough.


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Come say hello!

Jason is always interested in hearing about your latest project and how he can help. Feel free to contact him any way you feel comfortable.